Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Original Amazon's Return

Sometime during the past few chaotic months, a DC Entertainment announced that they will release a Justice League movie in 2015. As nerds do in our nerd culture, there has been a lot of speculation about which DC Universe it will draw from, what/who will be the villian,  who will play what characters, and so on. We can bet that Superman will be in the movie, and maybe the Green Latern.. blah blah blah. I'm not a comic-book nerd, and don't care about who's in the movie. Except, of course, Wonder Woman!!!

In addition to the movie, DC is also allowing the CW to make a TV show starring this powerful woman before she's a powerful woman ("looks at the teenage years of the heroine who will become Wonder Woman.") We can only pray that means Buffy the Vampire Slayer not Jess the New Girl. I say this because Wonder Woman cannot be a Girl. Doing so would diminish the most powerful, recognizable, and badass comic book heroine hero and reinforce the standard of 'women need men to do anything'. That also doesn't mean I want her to be stereotyped as a manipulative-icequeen-manlady-irratic-bitch. Treat her as you would treat any main character; as an complex individual that often has conflicting motivations, who must decide for herself what is right and what is wrong and then act on the decisions by her own will.

After establishing the personality of Wonder Woman the Amazon (as in the New American Mythology Archetype, because she actually is an Amazon from Themyscira) let's establish what she should look like. The comic industry has one of the worst records of objectifying women. Just go to and you will instantly understand all the ridiculousness. Wonder Woman certainly cannot go that route, but she is a bombshell of womanly sexual power. After all, we don't watch all of Ryan Gosling's movies for the plot. The key to keeping Wonder Woman, or the portrayal of anyone, sexy not sleazy is to make sure you're not degrading the character in order to make them sexy. Meaning not only good personality and acting but also framing the shots so they make sense within the plot. And no slow-motion running scenes. And no waifs.

[I also believe 'they' should get rid of the traditional unitard and update Wonder Woman's costume to something more contemporary; Lynda Carter may have been able to fool people in the 70's with a quick costume change, but citizens of the 21st century are a bit more wary to a near-naked woman running around the city. I mean, Batman, Ironman, the X-Men, Joker, and Hawkeye got awesome new wardrobes.]

For some reason, comic-geeks are opposed to  Wonder Woman getting new pants.
I disagree. From here

The following are some of my choices for the next Wonder Woman, particularly for the Jutice League movie. I'm so excited/hopeful to see a strong woman superhero!

Alica BragaPreadatorsI am Legend
 Screw canon, Diana (Wonder Woman) doesn't have to be paled skinned and blue-eyed. Make her a true NAM Amazon by casting a Brazilian (see, Amazon makes sense). Braga has the hair, faceshape, body, and ass-kicking skills of Wonder Woman.

Zoe Saldana - Avatar, Star Trek, Columbiana
She might be too skinny. However, she can wear a leotard. I think she may be good because of her role in Avatar as badass powerful alien Amazon woman. It wouldn't be too far of a stratch to swap the blue skin for red boots right? 

Rosario Dawson - Sin City, Seven Pounds
Dawson would be another change to canon. I believe she would be the best of the actresses I've chosen at playing up the hard/soft nature of Wonder Woman.

Mila Kunis - Black Swan, The Book of Eli
A more contemporary twist on the traditional Wonder Woman. Quirky and cool, spunky and sexy. I think this would be like the Anne Hatheway>Catwoman choice: odd, but it could work! Not so sure how well she can fight though.

Alison Brie - Mad Men, Community
Brie is my traditional suggestion. Sure, she plays uptight  characters, but I see the potential. Slap a crown on her head, throw on some boots, and give her a lasso! WONDERWOMAN!

For the TV Show:
Adelaide Kane (she was in Power Rangers?)
Alexandra Daddario (again, very traditional looking WW. She was Athena's daughter in Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif, basically an amazon.) I bet $10 she gets the TV Show.

What do you all think? Should sexism be preserved for the sake of tradition? Have a better choice for Wonder Woman? Will Lynda Carter always reign supreme? Leave comments below.

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