Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I want to apologize to all my avid readers for taking such a long hiatus. My excuses aren't very good, nor are they worth telling. Instead I want to take this apology* and explain to you why this blog exists. Most people, I believe, stumble onto this page through Google image searches (the top one being 'rosario dawson tits' at the moment). And those of you I actually know who click the link on my social networking sites, probably scroll through and think I'm a bit zany. This attitude and the general lack of enthusiasm for his blog discouraged me from opening up the Blogger browser tab for a few weeks. As we all know, feeling unsupported, being the only one interested in your work, and thinking your actions have no value doesn't make one want to continue to explore one's interests anymore.

Well fuck that. I ain't no pretend Astronaut, and I surely ain't no Girl (which Buzz is in this scene). No, I find my interpretations of my culture fascinating and insightful, and the zany portions of them are just to make it more interesting. New American Mythology may have started as a false exaggeration, but it does exist. It's real. As real as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism!

NPR recently reported that young Americans don't self-identify as part of a particular organized religion, and that doesn't include people who say they are of a religion, but aren't actually 'devout'. Most of the people interviewed cited social issues as their main reason for not taking part in religion. My question in this discussion is, Where, then, do they get their social cues of what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable? What do we believe in? What motivates us? Why do we continue in this matter?

Our culture clearly influences our morals and therefore our actions, otherwise the Senate would be singing Don't Stop the Party and not We are Never Getting Back Together when a controversial bill came onto the floor. Instead of getting angry and frustrated (or after getting angry and frustrated) with all the bizarre things in this world, I take a look at what could cause it. Not just why is the Senate not doing its job, but also why am I so angry (or not angry) with them? I'm just trying to make sense of this zany world. If the only way I can do that is through a zany blog with a zany lexicon then so be it. 

You see, I don't care about your well-being. This blog is for me and my well-being. I will be frustrated by people who don't give a damn about what their culture teaches them, which includes the 'I don't watch TV so pop culture isn't relevant to me' (my ass) people and the 'It's just Grey's Anatomy' (zealots) people. But hey, maybe one day I'll figure out why they do that. If you made it this far into the post I assume you have some mild interest in the topic, or in what I'm doing. Good for you. I'm glad to have you. Please have an opinion, and let me know. It means people are still alive out there.

I have drive. I have smarts. I have means. I have character. 

I'll be chasing down my own Tom Chaney with or without others' help. And you, Mr. Cogburn, in your oh-so-wizened ways may join me. As to your question, What are you? A Cowboy.

What about you?

* This isn't actually an apology.

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