Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ford Tire Commercial

"Its happening right there, every five seconds.... You aren't going to run out are you?"

In this commercial, Mike Rowe explains to viewers how Ford Dealers successfully sell tires. Every five seconds they sell a tire! Amazing! Every five seconds in the commercial Rowe points out when a theoretical tire is sold. This implies that, you, the viewer, should buy here too, since everyone else is buying here. So come buy! buy! buy!

The commercially subversively attempts to turn the viewer into a zombie. No reasons, facts, or logic exist in the commercial, other than 'we sell lots of tires'. Even then the salesperson never explicitly states that they actually sell those tires. She says "Well we purchase three million a year," in the hopes the viewers assume they sell them all. The commercial offers no evidence of quality (other than unnamed 'brand names') or price advantage. It relies on hoard mentality to bring the viewer to the dealership. 

The final lines of the commercial cement it in the zombie category. " 'You aren't going to run out are you?' 'No.'" (As if people rush to buy all the new tires they can to put into storage.) They creators of the commercial imply an endless supply of tires that simply appear in the dealership. They do not acknowledge the people, technology, or resources that contribute to the tire's creation. Simply, the commercial, with the help of Mike Rowe, makes the viewer desire a tire with no considerations other than Ford Dealerships sell them. 

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